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Title Authors Title of Journal Year Volume Number Page
Shrunk halo and quenched shell gap at N=16 in C-22: Inversion of sd states and deformation effects Sun, Xiang-Xiang; Zhao, Jie; Zhou, Shan-Gui PHYSICS LETTERS B 2018 785 530-535
Incorporating self-consistent single-particle potentials into the microscopic-macroscopic method Adamian, G. G.; Malov, L. A.; Antonenko, N. V.; Lenske, H.; Wang, Kun; Zhou, Shan-Gui EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A 2018 54 10 170
Constraints on the hybrid equation of state with a crossover hadron-quark phase transition in the light of GW170817 Li, Cheng-Ming; Yan, Yan; Geng, Jin-Jun; Huang, Yong-Feng; Zong, Hong-Shi PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2018 98 8 83013
Embedding the modified CYBE in supergravity Araujo, Thiago; Colgain, Eoin O.; Yavartanoo, Hossein EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C 2018 78 10 854
Deep learning for R-parity violating supersymmetry searches at the LHC Guo, Jun; Li, Jinmian; Li, Tianjun; Xu, Fangzhou; Zhang, Wenxing PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2018 98 7 76017
Topological invariants for holographic semimetals Liu, Yan; Sun, Ya-Wen JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS 2018 10 189
Phenomenology of colored radiative neutrino mass model and its implications on cosmic-ray observations Ding, Ran; Han, Zhi-Long; Huang, Li; Liao, Yi CHINESE PHYSICS C 2018 42 10 103101
Stationary solutions from the large D membrane paradigm Mandlik, Mangesh; Thakur, Somyadip JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS 2018 11 26
Analytical soft SUSY spectrum in mirage-type mediation scenarios Wang, Fei JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS 2018 11 62
Hyperunified field theory and Taiji program in space for GWD Wu, Yue-Liang INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS A 2018 33 31 1844014
Scalar fields on pAdS Qu, Feng; Gao, Yi-hong PHYSICS LETTERS B 2018 786 165-170
Vector mesons and electromagnetic form factor of the Lambda hyperon Cao, Xu; Dai, Jiang-Ping; Xie, Ya-Ping PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2018 98 9 94006
Time dependence of holographic complexity in Gauss-Bonnet gravity An, Yu-Sen; Cai, Rong-Gen; Peng, Yuxuan PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2018 98 10 106013
Proton Mass Decomposition from the QCD Energy Momentum Tensor Yang, Yi-Bo; Liang, Jian; Bi, Yu-Jiang; Chen, Ying; Draper, Terrence; Liu, Keh-Fei; Liu, Zhaofeng PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2018 121 21 212001
New spectrum of negative-parity doubly charmed baryons: Possibility of two quasistable states Yan, Mao-Jun; Liu, Xiao-Hai; Gonzalez-Solis, Sergi; Guo, Feng-Kun; Hanhart, Christoph; Meissner, Ulf-G.; Zou, Bing-Song PHYSICAL REVIEW D 2018 98 9 91502
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