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Title Authors Title of Journal Year Volume Number Page
Accurate Determination of Tensor Network State of Quantum Lattice Models in Two Dimensions Z. Y. Weng, T. Xiang 2008
A fungal phyogeny based on 2 complete genomes using the composition vector method Hao Wang, Zhao Xu, Lei Gao, Hao Bailin 2008
A relation on round-off error, attractor size and its dynamics in driven or coupled logistic map system Shi PL 2008
Revisible Transition between Peptide Nanotubes Xuehai Yuan, Yue Cui, Qiang He, ......, Zhong-can Ou-Yang 2008
A new gravitational model for dark energy C.-G. Huang, H.-Q. Zhang, H.-Y. Guo 2008
Alpha decay energies and half-lives from a macroscopic-microscopic model PENG, JS, LI LL, ZHOU SG, Zhao EG 2008
From the Complete Yang Model to Snyder's Model, de Sitter Special Relativity and Their Duality H. T. WU, C.-G. Huang, H.-Y. Guo 2008
A light-cone QCD inspired effective Hamiltonian model for pseudoscalar and scalar mesons TAO J., LI, LL, ZHOU SG, Wang SJ 2008
Condensation in Hyperonic Neutron Star Matter W. B. Ding, G.Z.Liu, M. F. Zhu, Z.Yu, E. G. Zhao 2008
Special Relativity and Theory of Gravity via Maximum Symmetry and Localization H.-Y. Guo 2008
Numerically Solving the Quark-Loop Effects on the Dressed Gluon Propagator in the Chiral Limit Jing Wang , Yuan-mei Shi, Feng-Yao Hou, Wei-min Sun, …… 2008
Isovector scalar field effects in asymmetric nuclear matter B.Liu, C. W. Shen, M. Di Toro, E. G. Zhao 2008
Distribution of equilibrium free energies in a thermodynamic system with broken ergodicity Haijun Zhou, Kang Li 2008
Differential Representations of SO(4) Dynamical Group ZHAO Dun, LUO Hong-Gang 2008
An exactly soluble model with tunable p-wave paired fermion ground states Yue Yu, Ziqiang Wang 2008
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